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    Use of Blinkers Becoming Serious Problem

    POSTED: 3:36 pm EDT September 29, 2008
    UPDATED: 7:43 pm EDT September 29, 2008

    WASHINGTON -- Around the D.C. area, the minimal use of car blinkers is becoming a serious problem, News4's Jim Handly reports.

    The blinker is the most basic of tools to let others know what the driver is doing next, and without them, others are left guessing the driver's next move.

    Sub-par use of this tool is an issue not only for driver-to-driver relations, but also for driver and biker relations and driver and pedestrian relations.

    “They don’t use their blinkers,” bike courier Lawrence Colbert complained as he commented on the difficulty of trying to predict what cars were going to do next.

    The focus of driving seems to no longer be on driving itself. The growing trend of juggling many activities while driving leads drivers to neglect their blinkers, police said. With fewer officers, police however, have not been able to make stopping this action a priority, authorities said. Their focus remains on aggressive and reckless driving. {MalNote: Or else they just don't care enough?}

    The law varies on the use of the blinker. In Maryland, you may change lanes without signaling, but you must signal before a turn. On the other hand, in D.C. and Virginia, it is required to signal before changing lanes and before turning. Still, for safety and for sanity, you should use your blinkers whether or not it's going to get you a pricey ticket. {AMEN to that one!}

    Copyright 2008 by nbc4.com. All rights reserved.

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    Not that this is the slightest bit of a surprise... that is a problem everywhere I have ever driven in these United States
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