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    Default Chicago MMA/Fight Events, Fire vs Police?

    Hello all.
    We’re a new (State licensed and legitimate) Mixed Martial Arts Promoter in Chicago area.
    Trying to think up of ways to bring better MMA events to our local fan base. Something that will have a recurring and memorable theme. We may also do events for stand-up only such as muay thai, kick-boxing, etc.
    Most of our staff train in some martial arts and we’re here to build a real MMA community, not just to make a quick buck on blood and brawl.

    Do you guys think we can go out to the local Fire and PDs in Chicago/suburbs to gage if there is any interest in putting MMA competition teams together?
    We’re thinking of having “Police vs Fire Badge Feud” type of regular (yearly?) event. Ideas welcome.
    To your knowledge, would there be any interest in this venture from Fire/PD officials? Whether you live in Chicago or not; we’d love your input.

    Lastly, what is a *go-to* title for this? Special programs director/coordinator, etc? Is there Fitness/Recreation contact in most departments?

    And of course, anyone is welcome to sign up with us if you’d like to fight. We’re building an Amateur fighter database at the moment, found at one of our sites, http://www.illinoismma.com (work in progress). Email with any questions.

    We can also help anyone train for events, or just for fun (got a 12,000 sq ft school with a large competition cage) MMA Amateur events in a few months. Please spread the word…. We’ll be offering Fire/Police/Servicemen ticket discounts on all events.

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