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    Default Nims?

    Do i have to do the course if i know the info or go straight to the test??

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    In other words, someone gave you the test answers, and now you want a certificate?
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    If your not willing to "learn" the basics that are provided by the government, then that means you are not willing to continuously educate yourself, therefore this career choice is not for you. This is my opinion of course. But I find it very hard to believe you know all the info. I took 100, 200, 700 about 2 years ago and I still am trying to absorb everything in incident command. I also took 300 Intermediate which is a 3 days class and it was a GREAT class! I find it disappointing when people try to go the easy route all the time. NIMS is very important as much as you may not think so.

    My question is, what info do you know that makes you so certain to pass those tests?

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