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    Question certificates & degrees

    Im looking into becoming a fireman, but from what im reading it seems like it's going to take a while. I was wondering what classes i should take to beef up my resume and put me at the top of the list. I was told to take fire science, but is it going to matter if i get a fire science certificate or should i get a degree? Also... my background is all computer do i put that on my resume?

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    Default Sell yourself

    You put everything on your resume. Everything you've done thus far in life must relate to the fire service and how it has helped you become a great FF.

    Think about it. Computers - You've seen technology change and advance. With it, you've had to learn new programs/software, face challenging problems, and work as a group or team to solve them. If you've always worked in the computer field, you may have advanced to a supervisor's role where you learned how to delegate problems and work with conflicts. In the the fire service, you are always learning new things and advancing in your career to be a better FF. You face new challenges everyday and certainly accomplish goals as a team. The fire service is always looking for leaders and people who can overcome adversity. Get the drift?

    As far as Fire Science certificates, sure they help but they won't get you to the top of the list, you do that by nailing the oral board. I would start by getting your EMT-Basic. Without it, you pretty much won't be on any list.

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    I'm starting my EMT-B classes in November (ends March)...you want to get to the top of the list get EMT-B, or EMT-I/P cetificate &/or degree...this will really help you get to the top of the list.....

    Good luck....

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    Depends on where you live different places require different things. I suggest you get a fire dpet. in mind you would like to work at and see what they require you to have and get it. But usually most depts. require some type of EMT lisence, whether it be basic or medic. Then they usually require firefighter 1 and 2. But the more certs the better it looks and the better you are.

    Good luck
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