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    All right. . all right, hold your panties down. If this goes in another thread, or page - keep quiet and hear me out. Or just move, if you are a Mod.

    As one can see, even being a newb/probe, I know my way around a forum. However, I do not know my way around the 'House' and I need a little information.

    First, I'm not your average probie, fresh out of high school. I'm a 28-year-old man, looking for his way in this world - and I think I found it. My degree is in education. However, I would like to up my degree in something that would help me in the field of 'fire.' I'm sure as Firemen, you all hear this a lot, but I would like to know what degree one would obtain for a Fire Investigator, a la Deniro's role in 'Backdraft.' No worries on starting at the bottom of the pole - just want to know where to start.

    Second, other than school - how do I begin. Awareness, fitness, and education are not the problem. The 'when, where, how, and what' is the problem.

    All are welcome. The more sarcasm, help, love, hate, or just flat out "HELL NO's" I can get will do me service.

    Cheers, in advance.


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    From what I understand from watching the officers on my old volunteer department,you need to pay attention to the way the fires burn and what damage is caused by what type of fire.Be a pain in their axe and ask questions about why a fire burned the way it did or what made it take off so fast until you get some field experience and can figure it out yourself.
    You will also want to take fire science classes,classes on arson and it probably wouldn't hurt to learn pyschology along the way.That is,if you want to be like Robert DeNiro's character and find out why someone's setting fires.
    I don't know what experience levels your department will want for applying to the arson investigators but it is a good idea to have some experience (3-4 years)before applying for it.
    Maybe this will help even though from someone who couldn't figure burn patterns until his LT rubbed his nose in it.
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