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    Default Selling US Built Apps In Canada....

    So here is the big question.... one of my colleagues has come to me asking me my opinion.

    I relay it to you, focusing on the retailers here in Canada, there are many companies selling for US Based Fire Truck Manufacturers but with the slumping economy and the Canadian Dollar Dropping once again, nearly a penny a day once again.

    What are you doing to quote departments fire apparatus with delivery schedules three, six or even nine months down the road. You can't mark up based on your predictions of the Canadian Dollar, those of us who manufacturer here at home would win everytime because Manufacturers price in US Funds and Departments expect bids to be in Canadian Funds.

    Is there someone you deal with that predicts funds? Am I missing something?

    Thanks for the Imput

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    I think you are going to need a powerful crystal ball to predict that one. With the unstable markets, the dollar in a nose dive, manufacturing costs soaring and the cost of credit increasing; I would expect that the overall costs are going to significantly increase in the coming months…years, who knows!

    Just my opinion……I think we all need to hold on to our shorts!

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