My name's Petra and I'm a writer for Glamour magazine. I'm working on an article for the February issue where I am hoping to find a firefighter to comment, not in an official capacity but as an average guy. I thought I'd have a better chance of finding someone here than calling random fire houses!

Here's the topic: The story is about the primping habits of women and men, and lots of guys I've interviewed are complaining that women always leave hair appliances (curling irons, blow dryers, etc) plugged in all the time and that this poses fire and electrocution hazards. I imagine this would be even more of a pet peeve for firefighters whose wives or girlfriends do this! So that's who I'm looking for; a firefighter who always has to nag his wife or girlfriend about unplugging those hair appliances.

If you're interested in commenting, leave a message here or email me at hellopetey@gmail.com. (and FYI, I only quote using first name/age/city/state, not last names, to protect peoples' privacy)

Thanks for the help!