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    yea we could go if there was room but not on the first due truck

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    Our juniors can respond to any calls except for mutual aid calls.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dickey View Post

    After your basic training (44 hours) and only non-emergency mode at the specific request of the Incident Commander.
    Exactly what he said. ... Seeing as I'm on HIS explorer post :P

    However, depending on the size of the department, I agree with most anything. If it's a smaller department with less apparatuses, and less members, if they aren't allowed to go, I can see that. Which would be the case with ours.

    However, if they're a bigger department, and are able to allow an explorer out on an apparatus, and also able to cover insurance liabilities, then that's fine too.

    Though, if not, they shouldn't be allowed on scene at all. Yes, there is some first hand experience, and other things they may not get/learn, but what's really more important? Learning a couple things they'll just get in FF1? Or their lives?

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