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    Quote Originally Posted by Rescue101 View Post
    Seems as though Adam is going for his purple hydrant.For those seeking the Tower project white paper,E-mail him and he'll get it out for you.Or E-mail/PM me for contact info. T.C.
    Wow....... Is that from the Fit-5 "discussion"??????????? I've seen people do much much more and not get Banned!!!
    The comments made by me are my opinions only. They DO NOT reflect the opinions of my employer(s). If you have an issue with something I may say, take it up with me, either by posting in the forums, emailing me through my profile, or PMing me through my profile.
    We are all adults so there is no need to act like a child........

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bulldog View Post
    You're forgetting, it's not an engine it's a Quad! If you look at the drawings they need the length to allow for storage of the long ladders. Quads are not very common today but they used to be in the past when manpower was such an issue.
    We had a 1942 Mack Quad that was in service untill 1972, I have not seen one since then. Our Mack/75'Scope is 38' long!

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