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    Default Hale FoamLogix Experience

    Does anyone have the Hale FoamLogix product on their apparatus? I'm looking for good and bad experiences, with this product from delivery to a year out.


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    We retrofitted our engine with the FoamLogix approximately 3 years ago. We have had no problems with it and it is very easy to use.

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    We have a foamlogix 5.0 on our rig, that is almost a year old. We dont really use it much, mostly in training. It operates off a 30 gallon 1/3 AR-AFFF tank. We chose the 5.0 based on the flow capability that Hale offers for the different percentages of foam to total GPM of water flow capable from the unit. because we have B foam and it will be used up to 3% we needed the larger unit. If you only use A foam the 2.1 or 3.0 might work. Look at the flow ratings carefully. The 5.0 would not work too well with a 6% B foam because the total water flow is 83 GPM. This is why we chose a 1/3 foam. Also, make sure the concentrate you intend to use is on the compatibility list that Hale offers.



    Its EASY to use. It tracks foam and water flow in real time as well as total amounts flowed.

    Its easy to flush.

    Its easy to maintain.

    I have no expierence with other systems.

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    work's very well and the caf's is very easy to operate both

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