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    Default Air Angels Crash

    You may have read about the horrible medical helicopter crash that occured in Aurora. This crash claimed 4 lives. The paramedic, Ron Battiato has been a firefighter around the Chicago area for many years. He left behind 6 children. The child who died has family mermbers... including her dad, grandfather and aunt that are members of the Leland F.D.. Keep them in your thoughts
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    Mikey, just saw this on the news. Very sad, and tragic.

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    Truly sad... thoughts and prayers for the families...

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    Question Lights

    Why are they looking at the lights on the tower?
    Were they on or NOT? The pilot was experienced, they had taken off 25 miles west of it and should have been flying at a safe altitude? I do not fly so I don't know, are they under radar flight control?

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    This is a bad deal. Looks to me like a pilot with that many hours, knows better, I'm guessing the tower lights were out.

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