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    Default Just in from Florida

    Hi, all!

    I just jumped aboard that monster thread ("Greetings from a non-firefighter). I'm also a non-firefighter. . .well, a former firefighter. Served about a year and a half as a chaplain and volunteer firefighter (though I understand the proper term now is pay per call. I think.) I pitched in and worked the fires and helped clean up the mess afterward.

    My church was two blocks away from station two, which tested its alarm horn every Sunday at precisely 12. I think they did it on purpose, so that every preacher in town would know when it was time to get on toward finishing.

    Anyway, now I am preparing to write a novel, or several. Aimed at boys. Don't want it to be hokey and amateurish, so I'm getting good, up-to-date background information, not just relying on twenty-year-old memories. I'll be doing a lot of reading here before I start asking questions.

    Oh, I live near Tampa, Florida. Palm Harbor, for anybody who knows the area.


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    What are the rules on the probationary period for new members? My first post on another thread took several days to show up after being approved by the mods. My second post isn't showing up yet, and it's been almost a week. I assume that eventually a post will show up immediately. When?

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