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    Default General Under Honorable Conditions discharge

    Hi all,

    I've been very interested in becoming a fireman for some time now but never took the time to put it into action. I'm 29 years old and decided it's time to get it started. I have a college degree but it's in computer science. I wanted to start fire science classes and do whatever else I need to. My brother-in-law is on the dept and i'll be going on regular ride alongs with his dept. so I can talk with the guys and learn more. I'm not sure what steps i need to take to make this a reality and I understand the time and commitment it can take. So my question is this...

    I received a General under honorable conditions discharge from the military in 1999. I was in for exactly 2 years. I will be working to get it upgraded as I've been a good civilian since then. However, that can take some time. Will this type of discharge keep me from becoming a fireman or will it just make it a little more difficult yet still completely possible? I appreciate your responses. Thanks.

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    Anybody? 22 views and no replies?

    Hmmm....well, Im in the process of upgrading it anyway but I would like to get some honest opinions or perhaps personal experiences. Thanks.

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