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    iam trying to find out were i can get on a wild land firefighting team can some one help me turn to thr right place

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    there is always CAL fire in the summer the application period is usually in january or soon after that would be the best way to get that experience as a first year sesonal with them i fought more wildland fire that i could have imagined, there are also private companies around like Fire Stop, they are a private contracted company and they support fires in the summer and do things like perscribed burns and fight fire in other states in the winter. then there is always the forest service, just take the classes and make sure meet the requirements

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    Wanting to fight brush fires in California? Probably your ideal employment would be as a seasonal with Cal-Fire, hiring already begins (Nov-Jan). The mandatory requirements are pretty slack, but your chance of getting hired without Hazmat Ops, First Responder, and a 67-hour are kinda like playing the lottery. A CSFM FF1 would be great. If you're looking for classes, there's a few community colleges that put all those on - look around, College of the Siskiyous comes to mind. Or maybe talk to your local or county fire and see what sort of training opportunities they have. And most of all, if you seriously want a job with Cal-Fire, politic politic politic. You're not getting a job unless you're visiting stations.

    Better bets are with the feds, and they're pretty good jobs with great experience. Forest Service does a lot of hiring, as do a few other agencies. The process is absolutely counterintuitive as hell, but it's not that hard to find a job. Look up numbers on some national forests that sound like they'd be interesting to work at, and call them up. See if you can talk to an engine captain, and even better yet stop by and talk to said engine captain. If they're interested in hiring you, they'll definitely help you jump through all the hoops in the application process.

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