Hi Guys,

I am new to the forum, but I already have a question.

A little Background first.

I recently was certified as an EMT-B and I was offered a job on a local transfer service. I wanted to take this job so I could get a few months of experience as an EMT before I continued along my path to the associates of paramedison (Licensed Paramedic). Medic school starts in January. I am also a volunteer on our local volunteer FD so I do get to run on medical calls now; which helps with a little more EMT experience.

I ultimately want to work on a fire department in the DFW area. McKinney, Plano, etc...

Is there any reason that I need to get my Fire Fighter Basic before I get my Paramedic? I understand that I could technically apply sooner if I did it that way, but to get a good job around here you have to be competitive as I am sure many other places are the same way (probably all).

My Plan:

I am finishing my associates this semester and want to get my associates of paramedison next. Then I want to obtain my FF Basic. My plan is to just apply selectively and continue my bachelors degree in business management. Then whatever happens, happens. I mean, I really want to be in the fire service (as I am sure many others do as well). But I don't want to rush so much that I am un-prepared to compete for a good job as I have seen many others do.

The Question:

Does this sound like a good plan to get my paramedic before my FF basic? I do not have to work during medic school. I currently do, but once medic school starts I do not plan on working. It's a day class. M-F The program runs for about 6 months. I could do fire school next fall. I still live at home and my parents have already said that they would support me while I was in Medic School.

Any advice? or does this sound good?

Thank you for reading,