I have never posted here but read it ALL the time.....I am in a fairly good sized city in central Illinois...I am a chauffer on the West Side Ladder Company. Its a quint. Its firetruck red like they ALL should be....ha ha

Today started with an EMS call we run about 6,000 calls a year....We then had vehicle stabilization training with our sister city dept. and 2 part time IFSI Instructors. Those guys know their S#**!!!!!!

I am on duty right now.....just fininshed up a good article in Fire Chief Magazine on Leadership in the Fire Service. Anyway......we have been quiet so far today...I plan to post on a frequent basis.....I love reading about all the other fires going on in the state.

We are all very lucky to be firefighters.....everyone be safe out there tonight.

Lets hear about your days....

Brad Earl
Concrete Dabbler on the side