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    Question Misc. Surplus Equipment - What To Do?

    This may be a stupid question. However, I'm not a firefighter (yet) so I know next to nothing about what I'm looking at or whether anything is usable. I'm hoping you all may have some input.

    A local auction got a large inventory of used SCBA equipment in. The used Scott Paks were the only things that sold. They were going to throw the rest out so I took it to see what it was.

    There is a lot of misc. repair parts still new in the package. Things like valves, retainers, demand valves, connectors, male hansen connectors, knobs, regulator assembly deflectors, air supply gauges, stems, etc.

    I called my childhood friend who is a FF with Portland Fire and he said they are likely for older, lower 2000+ psi systems that most departments no longer use.

    I just figured I'd post the pictures here and see what the general consensus was before I just disposed of it. Initially I thought some if might sell, however, if there are still organizations in the US or developing countries that run older equipment I'd rather donate it instead of throwing it away.

    I only took a few pictures of some single items but for every picture there are probably 30-100 pieces brand new just like it.

    The upload tool only lets me attach 5 pics so I'll try to post the others in a reply.
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