I went into the Marine Corps last year in Jan 2007, and was hurt during bootcamp, after spending 5 months there rehabbing I was sent home due to it being a prior injury and not telling them about it (like all good military recruiters tell you to do!) anyways besides the point Ive delt with it and am moving on and I am wanting to become a firefighter now and just have a few questions.

Could my brief stint in the Military (5 months in boot) look negative to the recruiters as my discharge was "Uncharactorized" and not "Honorable" due to lack of active duty days.

I have the phone number to one of my DI's that I helped with paperwork and such while rehabbing and he told me I could use him in a reference if I ever planned to go into law enforcement or firefighter or trying to get back into the military (I told him what I wanted to do before leaving). Could I use him as a reference if they tend to look at my military record as negative?

I am also going to college and working on getting my paramedic license before applying to the Fire Department here in dallas, will both college credits as well as the paramedic license show them I am serious about this as my career choice and perhaps overlook whatever negative effects my Military experience had?

Leaving early due to an injury in the military has defiently hindered some good opportunities due to the type of discharge they just look at it as I was a problem and they sent me home without knowing why I was sent home.

Any advice from recruiters or other fire fighters would be great on what they would think if they came this situation.