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    Default Paul Conway Helmets

    What do you guys think about the Paul Conway leather/composite helmets???
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    Our dept. is currently looking at the Paul Conway composite, and a lot of guys are liking it. Personally I love the way it sits on my head and the padding is great. It sits nice and level. The only concern is the way the shield is if that is the model you look at. The tighten knobs do not keep it from coming down with the demo model we have. I would suggest flip downs to go along with or without goggles. Also seems a little heavier than Cairns composite, but I think it is because of the extra padding in the headband. Great helmet though!

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    If you have a big head, you will not like them.
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    I've had a Paul Conway leather for years and love it. I know it's not a "true" leather, as it's leather over composite...but it's held up much better than the N6A I had before. I really like the lower center of gravity, even as opposed to a Cairns 1010 or 1044.

    Going along with what GTR said, if you have a wide head, it may not be the best option. An easy fix to this though is to remove the ear flaps (check with your dept., as this negates the helmet meeting NFPA standards).

    Given my choice, I'll NEVER use a different helmet.

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    I've never worn a Paul Conway Leather but my brother has had one for about 2 years now and is shopping around for a new lid. He says it is too heavy and doesn't fit his big head well at all. He's leaning towards the Phenix TL2. I wear a TL2 and love the thing. It has taken a lot of abuse with no problems.
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    I had one about a year or so ago. Its actually a pretty good helmet the biggest issue is that is pretty heavy. I now have a TL2 and love it. Much lighter and still holds up well.

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