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    Exclamation Anyone ever transfer IFSAC certificate from texas to san diego?

    Ive been looking at getting certified FF-1, FF-2 in texas accelerated schools due to my current time and job issues..

    has anyone ever transferd from a texas school with IFSAC certificate to san diego??? ive heard it can be difficult to use..

    would it be worth the 2-4weeks and $2500 if its not transferable??

    any info is appreciated..

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    Hope you do not have dial up..

    Page 225 for course equivelancy. Looks like some NFA stuff other than that it is all interior.

    Here is your IFSAC anwser...
    At this time, SFT does not offer reciprocity for certifications, including IFSAC and Pro Board, that were received in another state. In order to apply for SFT certification in California, you must meet all of the requirements listed in the SFT Procedures Manual. We recommend you contact the fire department requiring the certification to determine if they will accept your alternative certificates.


    California Fire Training has higher demands of thier training than most other states. So you might want to find a local voulnteer department that will put you through the FFT1 and 2 curriculm if you cannot afford to take the time to go to an academy. It may take a couple years to do it, but it will not affect your work schedule.
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