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    I am going to be graduating from High School in approximately 2 years and I'm looking to be a paid Firefighter/EMT or Paramedic in Florida.I've been looking at different cities and most say they require "Florida Firefighter Certification and EMT/Paramedic Certification".How do I go about getting those certifications?Then from there, how do I go about getting a job?Where would you recommend?Thanks for all help in advance!

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    where do you plan on moving to down here? If you are set on FL dont waste your time taking classes out of state.....they wont accept it. There are several great schools but its all a matter of where you want to to get a better rate you will have to obtain residency which i believe is a year....but getting a job down here isnt easy.....ask our wonderful governor how things are goin

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    you will need whats called Minimum standards, and you will need your EMT before you can get your paramedic. To get hired with TFD staple copys of your certs to the application, or it goes in the trash. and you cant smoke or drink alcohol at least a year before you get hired..and yes they can test for tabacco products in your system...i did not know that but they do. Chipola is one of the colleges for fire fighters there is one in Tallahssee through TCC/TFD its 500 hours because they give you so much more live burn time. but its hard to get in from what i understand. then there is the Florida State fire college. and those are the only ones i know of and from what i hear they are realy good schools. The TCC one is one its second or thrid class i believe. so its fairly new. is that to much

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