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    Default HELP! Need Rescue Trk, f-550 or equiv

    Hey everyone. My name is Kevin Breeding and I'm the City Manager of a (very) small town in TN called Orlinda. We have a small Vol. FD and they desperately need a new Rescue Truck. Unfortunately, no one here has ever gone through the process of creating the specs and bidding out a new truck. My fire Chief is a great guy and very knowledgable about fire fighting, but by his own admission not so knowledgable about how to spec and bid a new truck. What we Desperately need is a copy of a bid packet that someone else has used...even if it isn't exactly what we need, it would go a long way in helping us with the sealed bid process. Any other comments or information would be greatly appreciated. Here is what we THINK we want, but I'd very much appreciate any comments, suggested changes, etc:
    Ford F-550 or equivalent mini pumper with pump & roll capability
    4-door Dual Cab
    6.4 Liter Diesel Engine
    Dual Wheels in rear
    300 Gal poly tank
    18 HP darley pump-375 gal min
    Dual Alternators, Dual batteries
    150 ft 1" electric rewind booster reel
    2500 watt power inverter
    Box with Swing doors
    Heavy suspension pkg.

    Again, its the blind leading the blind here, and we don't even know how to start trying to get bids since we know the specs need more detail. We also would love opinions about whether any of the above are mistakes. Thanks everyone. I will return often to read specs. I'll even accept calls from vendors (or anyone else!) at 615-654-3366. THANK-YOU!

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    (my posts just now got approved so I wanted to bump them higher up so they would be more likely to get a response. Thank-you)

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