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    A buddy and I signed up to take the Firefighter Survival "Get Out Alive" class. I was wondering who all has taken it and what you thought about the class? Also, what all is it that you do and go over?
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    The Chief Salka class?
    Can't recommend it enough. Right up there in the "must take" list along with The Art of Reading Smoke.
    Took it several years back. It was mostly seminar, but I think they have incorporated a hands-on portion now.

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    I took the Cheif Salka class last year. It was all class room but alot of great information. Def. worth while.

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    It is a great class and I recommend it to all firefighters. Took it in Oak Ridge with some guys from Sieverville teaching it. They were great and I look forward to taking another class from them if they are teaching it.

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