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    Default How Patient Should I Be?

    A quick history:

    2nd week of July, I found out I was #1 on a particular city's list. A week later, I had my background packet turned in. After I turned in my background packet, I was told a hire would be made sometime in the middle of Sept. This particular city does have one open position and is looking to hire. It is now the end of October, I have had a one-on-one with the chief so he can make a decision about who to hire. This city applies the rule of three, so it is down to me and two other guys. I am trying not to be a pest, but I am calling about every two weeks to see if a decision has or is going to be made anytime soon.

    Should I keep calling every two weeks or so?

    Is something fishy going on (nepotism?)?

    Should I just shut up and color and wait (in other words, be patient)?.

    Any other advice?

    Thanks all!

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    Update- You've been through the process, made the list. Maybe one or two phone calls down the line.

    Here is the key- Forget about this process and move on to the next. Seriously, put it behind you and focus on the next department and make #1 on their list there.
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    Be patient. Municipal government works slowly. Persitant is good, a pest, not so much.

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    You've done everything you can at this point. Showing interest by calling a couple of times might be OK. You don't want to be know as the guy who just couldn't wait. Stay off the phone and hanging out next to the mail box.

    "If you pray for patients you will be tested"

    "Captain Bob" www.eatstress.com
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    Given our present economic climate, employ a little more patience. I think that in this case, checking in every two weeks isn't too bad especially since it is now ~6 weeks since they said they would reach a decision.

    Be pleasant and understanding, not pestering.

    Just don't let your imagination go wild while waiting and don't express your disappointment that a decision hasn't happened yet to the person who answers the phone.

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    Default Be Patient

    Good things happen to those who are patient. I'd wait and see what happens and try not to be too impatient.
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    I know it's hard to "hurry up and wait", but if its meant to be, you will get the call.

    I'd give yourself a pat on the back, and quickly move on to focusing on other processes. I wouldn't want to take my mind out of the game by focusing too much on something else, for which I have literally no control of at this point. It can happen very easily. Keep on pushing on! You never know, you could end up at a place that is a better fit for you.

    Thanks -


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