Hey guys and gals.

Just thought id introduce myself, and join up after being a silent watcher of the forums for the past couple months..

My names Dave, and im from Wellington, New Zealand (Does anybody else think that doing this makes it sound like an A.A. meeting? :P)

As my name suggests, im a Fire Buff, but hope to join the Fire Service over here once I finish my carpentry apprenticeship.

A little bit about me, I have over 4000 diecast and plastic kitset Fire Service Models, 5 Genuine helmets, 1 Draeger A100 B.A. Set, and am also currently restoring an old 1960's Dennis F8 fire engine. I also am starting to collect various patches from here and around the world.

and yes, i will try get some photos of my collections.

Keep up the good work, and stay safe.

- Dave