I am currently trying just as everyone and their dog to get on a fire department. I spent a few years for an outdoors retail store that didnt pay the bills but being desperate for employees were understanding of me wanting to be a fireman. I later went to work in banking and promotions/raises along with not very understanding of wanting to be a firefighter was not going over very well. I try not to mention anything about firefighting but after a little while on the job they catch on when they realize that the only life I have outside of work is firefighting. Its difficult to request time off to make it to tests and and classes. When they ask a reason I try not to lie but keep it a little brief.(example I say its for a test) I went to work for my county in juvenile detention as just a part time job that payed good and was flexible. I told them in my interview my goals and I was very honest. My boss later gave me a full time offer and I took it He seemed very understanding about my studying and always wished me luck. I would say a majority of my coworkers are college students with no that dont know what they want do in life similiar with my other low paying jobs. I recently got activated for the national guard to go to the military fire acadamy. I was congratulated when i got back but since my boss has not seemed to be so understanding I was told it is not my perfomance but a concern I might leave soon for a firefighting position.. Obviously I would like a job in firefighting but until then how can I support my family and still stay on the path to getting the job I really want. I dont do as well on civil service exams but I study constantly. I have impressive qualifications but Im worried about a resume going from job to job. What can I do to speed up my test scores and what can I say in an interview I dont want to appear as a lazy person who cant stay at a job. I want to stay at my current job especially because they are on the same retirement. Im lost!