Hi everyone, first time poster, and not sure if this is the correct thread for it but what the heck...

So the situation is i'm currently active duty navy. My work schedule is hectic to say the least, i'm constantly at sea or working late, running drills, etc...I'm due to get out in 8 months and i have a pretty good idea of how to go about getting hired, provided i've hit all my goal points, and i've been busting my arse doing so.

BUT, the one thing i lack is real experience. i've got some shipboard firefighting experience, well, training, we've never actually had a real fire onboard in my 6 years, well, four years on this ship.

What i'm looking for is some place to volunteer, get my hands dirty, learn the ropes or whatever othe cliche you can think of. But something typically on a weekend warrior basis, as my weeks are shot with either work or night school...

does anyone know of any places i can go to and volunteer? kind of a "show up when i can" sort of thing?

Thanks in advance,