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    Smile FF's in Cali compared to Phoenix AZ area

    Hello my name is mike i live in so cal and im still looking for a job but i hear that its damn near impossible to get a job right now because of the economy.

    i got my
    FF-1 basic academy
    67 hour cdf
    hazmat fro... ect.... i know Firefighters make 35k base over there and here in so cal they make a lot more

    my question is is it easier to get hired with what i got in AZ/and or out of state then here in so cal ?? i would imagine that they lose a lot of FF to so cal a year because of the pay alone

    Bottom line is i dont care how much i get paid i wanna be a firefighter i will take 20k a year and dont care if i have to goto NY to do it.

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    anyone? TTT

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