I have just finished completing an application for a local city and was just about to send it in the mail. I looked everything over to be sure I had all my ducks in a row when I reread the Veterans bonus which I was hoping to receive with a copy of my DD-214.

It reads as follows: 10% extra credit will be added to a score of 75% of the attainable score for an honorably discharged veteran who has served 6 months or more active service in the regular U.S. Armed Forces within one year prior to the date of the examination, or credit may be given for military service completed within four years prior to the date of the examination when the applicant has, within that four year period, attended and awarded a certificate from a service academy, which is directly related to the fire service.

Now I got out of the Army in 1997 and have just recently decided to start a new career in the fire service and completed my 240 class as well as EMT. I am not going to get the Veterans points even with my DD-214. This is totally unfair to give a Veterans bonus and not include all veterans. Any thoughts or suggestions.