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    Talking 2009 Harley Davidson Softail Classic Raffle

    Hi Brothers and Sisters! Well here's the latest on our fire station Harley raffle. In January we decided to raffle off a new 2009 Harley Davidson Heritage Softail Classic.... We decided to only raffle off 2000 tickets at the cost of $20.00 each. The Bike we will buy will be provided by the Eastern Shore Harley Dealer. If a firefighter buys the winning ticket that person can order a firefighter special edition and get a $2000.00 dollar cut off of the price so they can put $2000.00 worth of extras on the ride, or use the savings for taxes?, leather? whatever the dealer is willing to do.... The drawing will be on December 6th after the City of Robertsdale's night Christmas parade. The Eastern Shore Harley Dealer will have a tent setup with a softail inside. that can be the bike you win, or whatever color the dealer offers, unless you are a firefighter and want a firefighter's special. I have gotten the Baldwin County Sheriff to do the drawing for the raffle prizes, (after all if a firefighter wins I don't want calls of foul play ) The 1st prize raffle will be for the 2009 softail, the 2nd prize raffle will be for $1000.00 cash and the 3rd prize raffle will be for a $250.00 Harley pewter shadow box collectable. The odds of winning the bike are 1 in 2000 which is alot better than the Florida lottery of 1 in 17 million. The proceeds are going to build a new Elsanor Fire Station. Our station is presently attached to the Elsanor Community center and on any givin day or night an event may be taking place and parking is near impossible for fire fighters. If you would like some tickets, please contact me at captain@elsanorfire.com I wish to thank you for you support in advance!! Stay safe and watch out for each other!!
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    Good Luck.

    We have done a Harley raffle for 6 years now. 2500 tickets, $20 each. Get the bike, a trailer, and $1000 gift certificate at the dealership. This past year was the first year we did not sell all 2500 tickets.
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