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    Red face information please

    i am new at this so i need some information. i am a cpr& first aid instructor through the american red cross. i am looking to take some training for a emt but dont know how to do it or how to get funding for it. how do i get started or who do i contact?

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    Depending on the state you live in it might be a state certification or a National Registry certification. That might be good to know. Where I live (WA) you need to have an affiliation with an EMS provider to get into the class unless you take it at a community college and pay for it yourself.
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    You first need to find it by seeing what college around you offers it. As for funding, unless you got a FD sending you to it and paying for it, you got to pay for it. There are scholarships that colleges offer that you may qualify for, because it does get pretty pricey.
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