Hey everyone,

First and foremost, I would like to say that I respect everything each and every one of you do. I couldn't really say that enough.

Anyway, the name's Mark and I guess I'm here for a purpose. I'm a writer, and in the middle of writing a story about an FDNY EMT. One of my best friends is exactly that, and after hearing all of the stories he's told me, I realized that I needed to write one about him. I actually plan on using the story as the final chapter in my collection, and really want to write a positive story about the EMT/EMS experience.

Basically, though, I really need to do a little bit of research. I'm having a few problems finding out some of the slang/lingo for a few particular things, and figured there's probably no better place to go than somewhere like here to find some information out.

Would somebody be able to point me in a direction to post some questions? this is a very big forum you guys got here.

I really hope I can get some help, and can find this forum to be a place I'd regularly visit when I'm done with the story.