While home forclosures are in the news quite a bit as of late, it seems to me that here is a potential red flag for Fire Departments, both paid and volunteer to be on the look out for. As the economy tanks, people become increasingly desperate as their finances follow suit. This is esepcially true of people about to lose their homes to the bank and end up on the street. The potential to try to avoid forclosure by lighting the place up becomes very real. Take both Buffalo and Rochester,NY, both of which have large numbers of vacant houses. In every one of these, lies a potential torch job. The same holds true for occupied homes about to be foreclosed. In extreme cases, firefighters can expect to find one or more dead bodies inside as they fight fires set out of desperation because the house is about to be foreclosed. These would be the result of murder-suicides, which seem to be on the rise as people's desperation grows and more and more folks feel like they are being backed into a corner. Well, we all know what can happen if an animal is backed into a corner, he or she will lashout at the handiest target. While this Administration sees fit to bail out the banks first and leave desperate home owners to fend for themselves, the desperation of those about to lose it all ought to be of great concern to fire departments everywhere. So far NY State has been relatively lucky. However, sooner or later, that luck is going to run out and fire departments are going to find themselves busier than usual in these desparate economic times. The Trickle down concept of economics began with the Reagan administration, whoever conceived it must have been high on coke, but that is beside the point. The point is that Fire Departments everywhere in New York State should be on guard for any unusual spike in the number of structure fires being dealt with, for the chances are, a number of these structures will be homes about to be foreclosed on or in the process of forclosure. Everybody's safety depends on it.