Hi there! My name is Kevin Breeding and I'm the City Manager (yes, one of those darn beaurocrats that is always telling the FD they can't spend as much as they want to!!) of a small town in Tennessee called Orlinda. We have a small, volunteer (except a full time Chief) FD made up of some of the best, most dedicated people you can imagine. I recently discovered this web site and am absolutely blown away by the incredible amount of information contained on it! I'm even more impressed at the volume and expertise of people in the Forums. I can already tell this is one site I'll not only be bookmarking, but also checking on a regular basis and using frequently! In fact, I already am desperately in need of some advice from you folks, but this rule about not posting threads/comments from new users is killing me. I completely understand the logic in such a policy...trying to weed out the nut jobs, the spamers, the salesmen in disguise, the foul mouthed, and so on. HOWEVER, its been more than 10 days since I posed a question in the apperatus section and it is yet to get posted publicly. I've sent 2 requests to the webmasters/help folks, but have heard nothing. Does anyone have any suggestions at all of how I might be able to expedite the posting of my public question in a forum as a new user? Basically, our FD is in the process of putting together the specs and buying a new fire rescue truck- Ford F-550 or similar. Me and my fire department DESPERATELY needs advice and assistance but don't know where else to turn. I've searched the archives and found some incredibly helpful threads, but not exactly what I need. Can anyone please help me get posted? Am I missing a step? Do I have to be a paid member to post? (it doesn't say that)? Is there any other reason it might take more than 10 days to get my new thread posted? Any help would be greatly appreciated since we must get the specs/bid packs out before the end of the year. Thank-you, Guys!