Hi i am in the navy and in crash and salvage and am looking in to becoming a firefighter when i get out of the navy. so here is waht i am looking at. im thinking of reinlisting for 3yrs and going to 7012 school and then what would my chances of getting excepted into the DOD program also what rank do you start at and how much roughly a yr? is the also any stations around Orlando like Cape Canaveral or Aglin AFB? how fast do you rank up or how does that work? is it also better to go DOD or Civilain FF. And how do the shifts work also i know it depends on the station but is the a general shift change? I heard that if you become a FF at and Airport thats is conidered Federal is this true? also how do you apply for an airport job? well thank you and i cant thik of anymore questions hope you guys can help me out and set me on the right track.

thank you Bigerthnur