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    Default Clandestine lab response

    Clandestine labs have been a constant issue in our community for several years. We as a department have assisted in the mitigation of a clan labs, assisting VNI/PD with initial hazard mitigation. Questions have been raised about how long do we need to remain on scene and what decon procedures are necessary for intative vs. active cooks.
    How long do you stay on scene, after the initial hazard has been remediated, and what decon procedures do you follow? Does anyone have SOG's, on meth lab mitigation response.

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    Default Clan Lab Remediation

    Consult with your State Department of Health / Enviromental Health folks for who is responsible for the site after your response is terminated.

    Some helpful info links...




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    Around here, we rarely respond on clan labs, it's the jurisdiction of law enforcement. If and when we do, we're there only to assist them and follow their procedures.

    The law enforcement teams that do this have training specialized to clan labs. If you have one of these teams in your region/area, you might be able to get some information from them as well.

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