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    Default Time line question

    my husband is an army FF right now. We have 2 yrs left in contract and then we are getting out to pursue a civilian FF carrer. My question is how far out should he start putting in applications/resume/testing etc?? We will be relocating to whereever he can get a job so we really need to plan this out well. He plans to finish his paramedic next year so he will have the FF certs + parmedic. We were figuring his final year in service would be planning trips to interviews/testing?? What do you all recommend?


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    Default Looking????

    Kristina....First of all thank you for your husbands service to our country. Second I think he should start putting out feelers now. Special interest cards sent to Cities' Human Resources Departments let you know when a test is coming. Is he at a place where he can visit Fire Departments or is he out of country??? There is no time like the present to start looking. I would like to wish him luck in his endeavors and thanks again for his service.

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