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    Default Interview: What's the toughest question you've had?

    The first department I ever interviewed for asked "What's the strongest stance you've ever taken on an issue?" I was completely floored and had no idea how to respond to that. Later at school I asked some guys who had also interviewed what they thought of the question, and they had been just as stunned as I was.

    Anyone else out there gotten a doozy like that one? I'm sure a few of you have. Or for that matter, does anyone have an answer for this question? Or a reason behind asking it?

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    Here is what I think of questions like these- I simply take a moment, mentally fall back on a real life expereince. Then you tell this "signature story" like no one else can.

    I can not give you a real answer to your question. You need to live some life, get some on the job experience (Explorer, Reserve, PCF) to relate to the job.

    By the way, what was your answer?

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    Do try to avoid things like:
    That time you attended an anti-abortion rally.
    Your Obama rally attendance.
    Your McCain rally attendance.
    Your vehement backing of NAMBLA

    Anything that could be contraversial to someone across the table or in general public.

    It could be as simple as:
    You only write with blue ink.
    You feel that people should serve in the military to appreciate their freedoms.
    You think donning your SCBA with gloves on saves the most time.

    You'll find something that you can say you made your strongest stance on that isn't too over the top. In this scenario, that deep breath helps. Interesting question. Shows whether you can think on your feet.

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    Could it be that by how strong you present the topic on your strongest stance might give the panel a clue if they would want to place you in a station with other firefighters?

    "Captain Bob" www.eatstress.com

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