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    Default Funding ???????

    With Obama being elected. What does this do to our funding. I may have missed it but I don't know were he stands with the fire service.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CHIEFPHILLIPS View Post
    With Obama being elected. What does this do our funding. I may have missed it but I don't know were he stands with the fire service.
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    Speaking of funding this came out yesterday from DHS...

    Release Date: November 5, 2008

    For Immediate Release
    Office of the Press Secretary
    Contact: 202-282-8010

    In Fiscal Year 2009, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) will award more than $3 billion in grants to states, urban areas and transportation authorities under 14 programs to bolster national preparedness capabilities and protect critical infrastructure. Fiscal Year 2009 grant programs provide $24 million more than last year to enhance the nation’s ability to prevent, protect against, respond to and recover from terrorist attacks, major disasters and other emergencies. This includes the department’s two largest grant programs: the Homeland Security Grant Program (HSGP) which totals more than $1.7 billion, and multiple infrastructure protection programs, totaling more than $845 million.

    What’s New for FY 2009
    FY 2009 HSGP funding focuses on six priorities, tailored to either states or urban areas:
    measuring progress against the National Preparedness Guidelines
    strengthening preparedness planning, training and exercises
    strengthening improvised explosive devices (IEDS), IED deterrence, prevention, protection and response capabilities
    emphasizing information sharing capabilities
    strengthening medical readiness
    strengthening preventive radiological/nuclear detection capabilities
    DHS is announcing targeted grant allocations up front for the State Homeland Security Program (SHSP) and the Urban Areas Security Initiative (UASI), enabling states and urban areas to write investment justifications that reflect available resources.
    The Department is providing grant funding where it is needed most. Under the FY 2009 HSGP, states will be able to apply for funding for critical emergency supplies such as shelf stable meals and water.
    The Department has made personnel cost changes in the Homeland Security Grant Program, removing further restrictions on allowable personnel expenses up to 50 percent established by the 9/11 Act and the PRICE Act. In addition, the three-year limit on funding intelligence analysts has been removed under the HSGP.
    States bordering Canada (including Alaska), southern states bordering Mexico, and states and territories with International water borders are eligible for funding under the FY 2009 Operation Stonegarden. Previous grants were restricted to states located on a land border.
    Emergency Operation Center construction and renovation are now allowable expenses under the FY 2009 Emergency Management Performance Grant Program.
    The requirement for cash or in-kind matches for grants has been removed from the FY 2009 Transit Security Grant Program, the Freight Rail Security Grant Program and the Intercity Passenger Rail (Amtrak) program.
    The requirement for cash matches have been removed in the Port Security Grant Program and grantees may now use in-kind contributions.
    The Port Security Grant Program will allow for the development of eight new group II port areas. Seven port areas move up from Group III to Group II, and one port area moves up from All Other Port Areas to Group II. There are 21 new port areas in Group III.
    For further information on Preparedness Grant Programs see the DHS Web site at

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