My dh was recently fired from his firefighting job after losing vision in one of his eyes in an off-duty accident.

Does this sound like wrongful termination? Discrimination?

I know that there are firefighters who are still working as firefighters even with monocular vision. How did they keep their jobs?

We are in a special situation in that he was employed by a fire dept on an Indian Reservation.

Anyway, I am currently looking into anything and everything that can help our situation. In addition to financial, and loss of medical insurance for the rest of our family (we just can't afford cobra for our whole family on his disability pay!), I am also trying to find out all I can about the steps needed for successful rehabilitation - physical and emotional, as well as vocational.

I have been doing searches online and making phone calls all over the place. But, I thought I could ask here too. Any kind of input, thoughts, ideas, resources, would be appreciated.

I currently have a depressed one-eyed pirate for a dh, and I am working to get him back on track.

Thanks ever so much,