B.F.D. Members vote "No" to thinly disguised give back contract proposals presented by Local Union President.

Factors add up in defeat of Buffalo firefighters contract.
Buffalo News article:

Bufnews article quote : "Measuring the raises against the givebacks, some firefighters said the contractís defeat wasnít surprising. Of the 600 who voted, nearly 60 percent opposed the pact.

About a third of all firefighters would have moved to a different health insurance plan ó a change that city officials insisted would not have diminished coverage. Firefighters would have given up 33 hours in paid time off and agreed to work-schedule changes that would have allowed the city more flexibility. The scheduling changes and a lessening of overtime rights would have cut overtime costs, city officials said." (End quote)

Once again, it appears because a lack of a "Clear Agenda" on the part of B.F.D.Admin/Union - the Voting Union Members voted "NO"

This is the second time the rank and file members said "No Thanks" to a proposed contract. Why ?

Many believe because this time, as well as in the past there was no prior "Written Contract Proposal Guidelines" presented to Union Members by the Union's Board before the "Closed door sessions" began or ended recently.

This "Proposal" was rushed to the members without time for any meaningful review prior to their vote. Why ?
What was the hurry ?

How can the B.F.D.Admin/Union expect Dues Paying Members to vote on something that would take away money, benefits and change their work schedules - without even prior knowledge of the full extent of the consequences ? ! ?

Union Members are seeing their "Contract Rights" being eroded again and again. While being offered a "Raise" in salary, which brings about higher taxes and higher Union Dues - they are being asked to allow their contracts to be reverted to that of Pre-Union Standards ! ? !

What was the B.F.D.Admin/Union thinking ? ! ?