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    Default Foregin Fire Tax

    Hi All,
    Was looking for some ideas to submit to our Foregin Fire Tax Board that would benifit our members. Thanks

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    Default 2%

    Are you looking for ideas on what to purchase with the money???

    buy whatever is for the use, maintenance or benefit of your members. Only you know what your guys need, right?

    Help purchase the new rig, add some extras that would be otherwise left off
    upgrade your turnout gear
    big screen TV
    new recliners
    daily newspapers
    deckoff the back of the station
    A new TIC
    subscription to Firehouse magazine and website for each station
    new saw blades that the chief won't buy because money is tight
    pub ed supplies because money is tight

    The ideas are endless........

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    Hard to say what your individual department would need.. Does your FFB tend to buy stuff for the firefighters, the department or both? Is there any equipment you guys NEED that the municipality won't buy? Are you guys volly, combo, or full time?

    Personally speaking, our FFB board has bought everything from TV's to grills, to curtains and everything in between for the stations. We've bought a ton of workout equipment. But we've also purchased flashlights for individuals, ESS goggles, sling-links and are have looked at a lot of different fire/rescue/ems equipment in consideration of buying it.

    I think you should talk to your members to see what THEY say what is needed/wanted.

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