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    Default Dwight FIrefighters Family Killed

    Copied from TSL

    2 nights ago in Illinois, a young mother and her two little kids were killed in a t-bone crash Thursday night. The crash took the lives of Amanda Jahn, 27, and her children, Ryan Jahn, 3 years, 11 months old, and Kaitlyn Jahn, 11 1/2 months old....the ENTIRE FAMILY of Dwight (IL) Firefighter Josh Jahn.The driver of the car that struck the Jahn vehicle, Ann Marie Goetz, 43 was transported to the hospital, where she remains a patient....she has already been charged with blowing a stop sign and felony driving while drunk.

    "Firefighters Wife" Amanda Jahn was heading home with her kids. Imagine your family doing that. It's easy-every family does that. Where were they coming from? Amanda was a violinist...she was on her way back from teaching lessons and had stopped at her Mom & Dad's house to pick up the kids and go home. That's when "Drunk Driver" Goetz's car shot through the stop sign and struck the Jahn family on the driver's side door. Following the violent t-bone crash, the Jahns car rolled over multiple times....Amanda was trapped inside the vehicle...the 2 children, Ryan and Kaitllyn were EJECTED IN AND FROM THEIR CAR SEATS...and Mom WAS WEARING HER SEATBELT...but it couldn't save them from the drunk driver. The crash actually ripped the Jahn car apart into multiple pieces.

    As we have also heard before, Veteran Drunk Driver Goetz has a lengthy criminal record, including prior DUIs dating back to 2000. Most of us are all very familiar with the impacts of a Firefighters death, in this case, this death will all but take the life of Firefighter Josh Jahn.

    If you are interested in expressing your condolences, the FD sent us FF Josh Jahns e-mail address, which will be checked and passed along to him....so if you wanna send a few words, here ya go.


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    Very close to home for me.

    May they Rest in Peace.
    "Train as if your life depends on it"
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    Now in Victoria, BC. I'm from beautiful Jasper Alberta in the heart of the Can. Rockies - will always be an Albertan at heart!


    How tragic.

    My deepest sympathies to FF Jahn, their families and the Dwight firefighters.

    Sleep peacefully in the arms of the angels, Amanda, Ryan and Kaitlyn.

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    Reading this literally turned my stomach. I sent Josh an email. I hope he is surrounded by the support he needs.

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    May he stay strong and know his brother and sister firefighters are here for him in his time of need

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    Our sympathies to the Jahn family and the Dwight firefighters.

    My wife was born and raised in the Dwight area but didn't know this particular family. Still makes it hurt a little more.
    Jack Boczek, Chief
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    What a horrible thing! This makes you think a little more about living life to the fullest because this could be your last day. My prayers and thoughts go out to Him and his family and friends. I hope all goes as well as possible. God Bless.
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    Josh Jahn was briefly on the news this morning. He stated something to the effect that this tragedy will maybe make people think twice about driving drunk. I was amazed by his strength, courage and the absence of anger in his statement. What a horrible crime that was commited.... Not only to him and his family but to the world in general.

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