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    Can anyone give me any information such as when or how often they hire, benefits, call volume or any other important information? Thanks.

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    You know SC...I've seen you post this same question about many departments....have you ever gone to the websites of these cities? Many if not all of your questions can be answered there. Many of us worked very hard to get where we are at and that takes a lot of commitment and research.

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    I understand the commitment and research and yes I have looked at websites over and over again. I am just trying to get information from people that have dealt with the department. Maybe I worded my question incorrectly. All I am asking is for some personal experiences with the department afterall you can only gain so much information from the specific webpages. Also I understand that many of you that post on here have worked hard for what you've gotten and I wish I was already working for a career department however, my military service prohibits that at this time so I am trying to get as much information as I can before I get out to make an informed decision about the departments that I am interested in so please don't question my intelligence to not think that I wouldn't have thought to look at departmental websites before posting.

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    Nashville just had a class finish a few months back. they seem to have a large number of applicants for a small # of openings. I havent heard when the next class is but im sure there will be hundreds who apply. last time i applied they had like 1500 people i heard. Written, physical agility and interview is what i went through last time.

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