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    Default Aerial platform fuse

    We have a 2002 Pierce 100' platform aerial with a Dash chassis. Periodically but more frequent lately, a 5 amp fuse located on the turntable keeps "blowing". There's really no one thing that we do, or at least that we can think of, that causes this to happen. We've been in contact with Pierce and they're no help. Any ideas on what's causing this and what to do about it would be appreciated.

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    What quits working when the fuse blows? And don't be surprised about no cooperation from the manufacturer. We have a 02 Saber that has had so many electrical and computer problems we have to peel the rind off to get in this lemon to run calls. Our local Pierce dealer is more concerned with how obsenely our chief talks to him than in fixing the problems with the pumper he sold us.
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    As Roush asked, what circuit is the fuse protecting? Have you checked all of the obvious like chafed or pinched parts of the wire? Could be a marginal connection somewhere?

    You rarely see anything but circuit breakers on these trucks so I'm wondering if this is on something that was added after delivery.
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    What's on the circuit? Has something been added to it that shouldn't have(and this can happen at the factory level? Find the schematic and see what that circuit runs/does.Then you can figure out your problem. T.c.

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    A neighboring dept had a similar problem. It turned out to be a wire buried deep in the system that kept shorting out. It took many trips to the shop and alot of man hours before they could track it down. Good luck!
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