Hello, everyone. I've been a lurker for a long time, and over that time I've been a volunteer and paid EMT-B. My EMT-B has since expired, and I've been working behind a desk.

Already, at only 25 years old, I'm burnt out. I am *NOT* a desk person, at all. And I'm not someone who can settle for anything less than what I am passionate about. So I've decided to finally bite the bullet and not worry about making lots of money - what's the point if you're not happy enough to enjoy it?

I've put in my application to become a FF, and I've been scheduled to take the written exam (I believe it will be late January). I've purchased a few books with practice exams to work on, and I will be working out A LOT...I'm out of shape (at least I'm not in denial!).

I have realistic expectations - I know I'll be competing against people who are EMT-B/P, are current volunteers, are in great shape (hopefully I will be as well in time for CPAT)...but I also know I have a great head on my shoulders. This is something I am honestly passionate about, and I could do it day in and day out without a word of thanks from a single person and never blink an eye.

Just figured I'd start posting because I may have some questions over the next few months.