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    Default NFPA Standard for SCBA Fill station

    I need the standard number for the NFPA standard on SCBA Fill stations. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    There are 4 standards that have some applicability.

    NFPA 1500- *7.14.5 Protection from catastrophic failure (refilling cylinders)

    NFPA 1500- A7.14.5 no commonly accepted standard comply with NFPA 1901

    NFPA 1901- Chapter 24 Air systems

    NFPA 1989- Chapter 7 Compressed breathing air systems

    NFPA 1852- 7.3.4 SCBA cylinders to be filled as soon as possible
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    Thanks Bugle, I knew about 1989, but there is no direct reference about fill stations, but there was talk about it during the last review. We are trying to have all our ducks in a row with the new station and will be including a room for the compressor, cascade and fill station as well as a work area for the service tech. Appreciate the info.

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