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    Default annunal training

    Could anyone tell me does NFPA of OSHA have a standard for annual training hours for volunteers?

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    Hey "Chief", why don't you contact the fire training section within your state govenment. I am sure they have all the answers that a Chief would need for training.

    In the Commonwealth of Virginia, USA that department is known as the Department of Fire Programs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 46chief00 View Post
    Could anyone tell me does NFPA of OSHA have a standard for annual training hours for volunteers?
    I don't believe that NFPA or OSHA differentiates between paid and volunteer Firefighters.

    Like said earlier, you need to contact your state training association. Here in Texas, we use the State Fireman's & Fire Marshall's Association for volunteer certification.
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    I seem to remember watching a training video put out by Action Training? I believe. And they said that in NFPA 1500 firefighters should have a minimum of 2 hrs of refresher training every month, and if i remember right that was just on the basic firefighting, not including other subjects.

    For our dept. we do a firefighter I and II class every year to 18 months (training the new firefighters), every month with the exception of November and December we have 2 drill nights per month, and the subject matter varies. Our training officer does a great job of thinking up new stuff to do. Every year since ive been on the dept. we do Auto Extrication, but were only required by the state to do it every 2 years. Every 2 years there is a CPR First Aid refresher. Tomorrow nights drill is engine ops basic, the engine pulls on scene, firefighters get out, pack up, advance hoselines, get the pump goin, setup ventilation fan. Then we will rotate the crews and do it again. Pretty basic, but for some of the guys that cant make alot of calls its a good refresher.

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    No training requirements - entry level or annual - for career or volunteer firefighters in Louisiana.

    However, there are training requirements if you want to max out on rating points in the training catagory, which is what drives training hours in the state.

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    PA has none, but my dept like to follow the NFPA recommended training as much as possible. My tentative 2009 schedule can be found at:

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