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    We are in NJ, but I can definitely help. We have some older Scott wire frame 2.2 without integrated pass devices I would be happy to donate. All I need is a letter in return for the file. Probably have about 8-10 or so. I can likely give them some bottles with them too. Send me an e-mail at captain@ncvfc.org

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    Oh we understand Brian, you are suffering through the nice warm weather in PR, but at least you are still able to talk. Everytime I go down there, I loose my voice, and the ability to walk from that red gasoline stuff they give you. It was a balmy 5 degrees here this morning, but I guess its better than being in North Dakota. The above comments just go to prove we are all here for the same reason, helping others and keeping our brothers and sisters safe.

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    Actually the worst stuff I had was a few years back for the Xmas trip the one neighbor had brought back a bottle from the Dominican Republic. I think it evaporated before it hit the back of the throat. 190 proof. Good thing I wasn't smoking a cigar when I coughed I would have killed people. Kept it down but still not sure that was the better option. Been sticking to the lighter proof ever since...

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    Default old equipment

    If you have older equipment and want to donate and sell the equipment to departments that need it, you can do so. BUT if you get an AFG to replace the equipment/apparatus and you declared it unsafe in your grant, you CAN NOT give it or sell it to ANY other emergency department. As per AFG, if it is not safe for your department, it is not safe for another department. Our department has received several AFG grants and when we were audited, they asked what we did with the UNSAFE apparatus' and equipment that we replaced with AFG funding. Matter-of-fact, they even said that the watch Purplewave and Craigslist to monitor departments selling old apparatus'. There was a department that got caught selling the "unsafe" apparatus that they had received AFG funding to replace on Purplewave and had to pay back the funding in which they received.

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