Guys I need help with getting a firefighter/paramedic job in California, preferably northern around the Sac or San Fran area, not real picky right now. I am quite qualified, currrently Lieutenant FireMedic 4 years, Career for over 6 years, AAS Paramedic Degree, National Registry EMT-P, Firefighter 1, 2, Instructor 1, Officer 1, 2, Hazmat Tech, etc.. Current CPAT. My FF1,2 certs are NFPA and IFSTA, I can't seem to please CA?

Problem: I live in missouri and the problem seems to be CA doesn't seem to want to recognize any other states certifications like my FF1, 2. Also I can't be flying out constantly if it is a waste of time.

Question: Who can I contact for more info, who is very knowledgeable? Anyone there in CA have any job leads to help me out? Phone #s, websites, advise, union contacts, etc?

Please don't tell me to not move because that is not a choice, I have already thought that out.